The entire polliwog site is now written using hoglet markup. hoglet was written to make the writing of documentation (the bane of all developers lives) easier. It helps by allowing you to mark up (with simple syntax) certain parts of a text document with "tags", those tagged parts are then passed to a "handler" which converts the content into HTML (or it can be anything else for that matter). In this way issues of consistency, layout and styles are completely removed from the business of writing the documentation. It also means that the "raw" documentation (i.e. the actual text you write) is much easier to read and maintain.

Examples of "hoglet" pages (from this website) are given below:
Overall the time to write new documentation (for me at least) has been reduced by at least 75% and I no longer have to worry about consistency/html errors. Note: as a side-effect the HTML pages produced are XHTML compliant (at no extra effort to me) and I can ensure that if I change the style of something it will be picked up across ALL pages within the site. I would use a strict DOCTYPE but I still want to use the target attribute on the a tag which for some unfathomable reason has been removed in the strict DOCTYPE.

You can find out more at the External site, opens in new window hoglet site.