polliwog - Java Web-log Processorpolliwog - Java Web-log Processor
*Update: the polliwog site is now generated using External site, opens in new window hoglet. This makes the documentation much easier to manage and write! See the hoglet page for more details.
polliwog is a Java based Web-log processor that creates a website about your website visitors. It is designed to help you understand what your visitors actually do when visiting your website and thus get the most out of your website.

Whilst most processors focus on hits and pages, polliwog is more visit oriented.

polliwog uses a highly customizable, XML-based framework along with an object model to produce detailed reports about your website visitors activity.
Online Demo
For the impatient, why not try the External site, opens in new window online demo or the External site, opens in new window compressed online demo which uses compressed .html files for better download times.

IE 6 Users please note: the demo doesn't work in IE 6. This has something to do with the YUI components used. I've no idea why. Isn't it time you got yourself a External site, opens in new window better browser anyway?
Download and try
Interested? External site, opens in new window Download the latest version (0.7) and try it out. Remember to read the getting started page!
Features in brief
  • Detailed summaries of activity per-day
  • A page per visit detailing what pages the visitor viewed
  • Details visit paths, including the most popular paths.
  • Details site areas, including the number of visits per area
  • Top entry pages, details about each page in the log.
  • Integration with the External site, opens in new window GeoIP databased to detail the country/city/town your visitors are from
  • Charts for the most important information about your visitors.
  • Details about search engine searches that led to your site including details of which search engine was used and results page for the keywords.
  • Linking sites
  • Browser/OS information
  • Can resolve URLs into a human-readable page title
  • Can easily add new pages/sections
  • Tight integration with External site, opens in new window JoSQL to leverage the power of SQL with the Java object model.
  • Can define your own visit collections and hit collections so you can mine information from your log based on your criteria.
  • Can process compressed log files, multiple log files. Log files can be accessed via the local file system, http or https.
  • Contains a web-app to management of polliwog for a number of websites/logs.
  • Can process just about any log file format.
For more details about what polliwog can do see the complete feature list page.
Is polliwog for me?Is polliwog for me?
polliwog is primarily an information tool. As such it produces a lot of information/pages about your log file/website. polliwog should only be used by those who want to improve their websites and visitor experience. It should not be used by those who just want to know how many visitors they had in a month. It can do that easily but I would recommend the excellent External site, opens in new window AWStats if you just want to know that sort of information.