Version Changes/Release NotesVersion Changes/Release Notes
This page details the changes that occurred from version to version and basically constitutes the release notes for polliwog.
Changes for version 0.7 (10/Jun/2007)
Version 0.7 focuses on major functionality enhancements.
New Features
  • JoSQLRule for hit/visit filtering
    Added a new JoSQLRule that allows a External site, opens in new window JoSQL WHERE clause to be used to filter hits and visits.
  • Ability to collect filtered visits
    See the visit filtering page for details.
  • Added a page resolver to determine what is a page
    The page collector has been removed. A page resolver is now used instead to indicate what is a page.
  • Support for processing logs from a Java Application Server
    polliwog can now process logs that are generated via the Java Application Server. See the log entry formats page for details.
  • Support for city lookups
    Support has been added for performing city lookups of visitors via the External site, opens in new window MaxMind GeoIP city databases. Note: the city file is not provided with polliwog due to it's large size. See the GeoIP integration page for details on how to integrate GeoIP databases with polliwog.
  • New match type: JoSQLMatchType
    A new match type, JoSQLMatchType, for use with Site Area resolution and Page Title resolution has been added. This match type allows a External site, opens in new window JoSQL WHERE clause to be used to resolve uri information into a site area/page title.
  • Support for property overrides
    It is now possible to have your own properties file that overrides the standard properties that polliwog uses. This allows you to keep customized properties separate when upgrading polliwog to new versions. See the property overrides page for details.
  • Support for processing multiple log files
    polliwog is now able to process multiple log files in succession via the use of a log file iterator. See the multiple log files page for details.
  • Better indication of why no visitors found in log
    One of the main issues people have with polliwog occurs when no visitors are identified in the log. polliwog now provides an analysis of why this occurs and gives suggestions on how it can be rectified.
  • Better information when log processing has completed
    When processing has completed, polliwog will output a summary of the information in the log file(s) and details of where it has written the files to.
  • Support for charts
    polliwog now outputs pie charts for important information. Note: this feature makes use of the excellent External site, opens in new window JFreeChart.
  • Auto-detection of log format
    polliwog will try and detect the format of hits in your log file(s). See the log entry formats page for details.
  • New property: queryParmsArePartOfPage added
    Added new property: queryParmsArePartOfPage which when specified will mean that (if the page title cannot be resolved) then the query string will be considered as part of the page identifier. See the page title resolution page for details.
  • Support for image searches from search engines
    Added support for resolving the results page/search engine and keywords used for image searches from search engines.
  • New navigation method
    The navigation method has been changed to use a sidebar.
  • Search Engines have a family
    The family for a search engine, i.e. where they get their results from has been added.
  • New pages detailing searches performed per search engine added
    For each search engine identified by polliwog a page will be generated detailing all the searches performed by visitors that led to your site.
  • Code
    Modified ExecPolliwogTask to use the system path separator to allow the classpath to be built up properly.
  • Code
    Deprecated DateRule and URLRule, a JoSQLRule should be used instead. See the hit filtering and visit filtering pages for details.
  • Code
    Updated External site, opens in new window JoSQL support to version 1.8.
  • Code
    Modified the SiteAreaResolver interface to take an instance of: AbstractURIField rather than a External site, opens in new window URI.
  • Code
    Remove timeZone support from DateTimeField, was not used and makes no difference in parsing.
  • Code
    Sets the JVM default timezone to the timezone specified by property timeZone. So don't use polliwog in a thread where other threads need to use the timezone (if it's different from your default).
  • Code
    Updated maxmind support to version 1.2.0.
  • Code
    Modified the BasicPageTitleResolver to be able to use a JoSQL match type to match a url against a page title.
  • Code
    Modified the PageTitleResolver interface to use an AbstractURIField rather than the path/parameters.
  • Code
    Moved page sets to use iterators rather than handler class types.
  • Configuration
    Updated GeoIP.dat file.
  • Configuration
    Modified the way that information about search engines is stored and organized. Now grouped by family.
  • Configuration
    Removed the SQL Execute Time from the linking-sites resuable section.
  • Configuration
    Property: logEntryFormat has been removed. See the log entry formats page for details.
  • Configuration
    Better identification of search bots/spiders (where they use different versions of the bot/spider).
Bug Fixes
  • Code
    Made it so that the ip address of the visitor is actually displayed on the visit page.
  • Code
    Fixed problem with browser/os resolution when there is no user agent, will return unknown.